Plus Sign’s unique services speed up the sales process from outreach, lead nurturing and all the way through sale and, lastly, post-sale engagement. 



Plus Sign will follow-up with leads ensuring you have all the information needed to generate a proposal. 


We proactively follow-up with every proposal and quote as needed to convert the lead into a sale. Multiple times if necessary! This step of the process is crucial ensuring your proposals do not fall into a black hole waiting and hoping for prospects to respond. We will keep you aware of any open item that need to be addressed.


We will thank customers for their business and secure any feedback on your behalf. Feedback is key to gaining insight on how customers feel about your services and address any areas for improvement. It is better to ask than to receive a negative review on Yelp or Google! We will encourage satisfied customers to post a review on line.

Optional Services

Post-Sale Survey

Rather than relying on your own perceptions, it is better to receive a concrete sense on how your business is actually performing and how you stack up against the competition. Plus Sign can develop and distribute a survey on your behalf. We will report the survey results providing you with objective information to make well informed business decisions.

Lost Business Analysis

Gain insight as to why your business was not selected. A lost business analysis provides the feedback to recapture lost customers, gain an advantage over the competition and improve your close rate going forward.

Construction Project Bid Review

A comprehensive review of medium and large scale projects, both new construction and remodels, lets you make quicker decisions about the projects you want to bid on.